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Considering the blog post immediately before this one drew a link farm spam trackback in near real time, I am testing them to see how quickly they pick this one up. The site that spammed ne is purportedly called “Social Networking News for Myspace / Facebook / Etc.” but is composed entirely of blog post lifted from elsewhere and covered with Google ad links. It is certainly NOT a blog by any extent, it is an abuse of the web and its about time these ***ers were stepped on.

So as a test I will say something about them.

Social Networking News for Myspace / Facebook / Etc is an ugly fake blog site permeated by stolen fragments from other posts. The people who foster this sort of waste on the internet are destined for a special low level of karmatic destiny, should I have any say in that event.

Just to make sure, here are a few keywords.

Facebook Facebook MySpace Facebook Facebook MySpace Social Networking.

If their trawler picks it up, it should appear shortly with a tag like, “Read the rest of this great post here…” If it is a bot, it will appear, if some “click spam for peanuts” sweatshop is running, they may not follow through.

One of the acid tests for these sites is hitting the URL for their “About” page- they are so back arse stupid… they leave the default WP content:

This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

These roaches rest their dirty feet at myspace DOT ourblognation DOT com and waste the IP address of 74 DOT 54 DOT 128 DOT 50

Like many of these I have traced, they originate from Dallas, which seems to be a hub for link spam farms. Someone knock on their doors, and please say “CogDogBlog Says Pfffftttttttt You”

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  1. It’s funny – my own website is hosted at ThePlanet.com Internet Services and they have always offered me very good service at a reasonable price.

    And I will venture to point out here that this is not something that ThePlanet.com should be addressing.

    We very much do not want our ISPs to get involved in what is appropriate or inappropriate uses of domain names and IP addresses. We know that such companies are not accountable, and that such power would be very quickly abused.

    The problem with splogs, etc., is two-fold:

    1. They are basically legal. There is no legal risk or sanction against the practice. There is no law against taking someone’s content and converting it into a spam weblog (or, more accurately, if there is a law against it, it is not enforced to even a tiny fraction of the enforcement against college students sharing scratchy MP3s of their favorite2. songs).

    2. Google makes it profitable. Although Google has done some good things – like zero the GoogleRank of pay-per-post sites, and zero the Wikipedia ad-spam sites (sites that take wikipedia content, plaster it with Google ads, then SEO the actual Wikipedia page out of existence in the search results) they have done little to favour original content, at the expense of splog content.

    Both of these relate to why I am opposed to the commercialization of open educational content – but nobody seems to understand what I mean by that, even in the face of such obvious examples. The drive to commercialize everything is what drives splogs – and what pushes the genuinely useful content – such as the original blog posts in this blog – into oblivion.

  2. Yes, Stephen, I’m not sure “blaming” the ISPs holds water, yet, at some level, they shrug their shoulders, take money from people who are engaged if in at least not “illegal” practices, they are quite obvious (to me) dishonorable.

    There are plenty of things we can do “legally” which we can take a higher ground on. its not illegal for me to go out and rip monstrous smelly farts in public, but I don not do it. I get at least 4-10 of these per post. Within 60 minutes of a new post, I get a splog trackback. In this case, I wrote a post that ripped the splog site, and they still auto-generated a fake blog post.

    I cannot agree more with (2) yet very little attention is put here. Google creates all the incentive for it, yet refuses to put all that “genius” power to work! Remove the incentive, remove the splogger, and leave us little peon bloggers in peace, who get so excited for a track only to discover it si a scripted… smelly…. monstrous…. legal fart.

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