Courtesy of an airline magazine, on the way to Indianapolis, I found some gem quality quotes from a last interview with Kurt Vonnegut. Among the quotables was one that really spoke to me, especially in response to Martha’s thoughtful post on why blog:

I speak with real painters and real artists from time to time about when they get their rocks off, and it’s the process of actually doing it. The rest of it “” rave reviews or flops, or whatever “” is just noise to them. It’s the doing that matters, the becoming. The rest of it doesn’t really matter.

One ore time- its not about the reviews (comments, trackbacks, etc), what people say about what you do, ” It’s the doing that matters, the becoming.”

That most succinctly hits the “why” factor for more- in the doing of blogging, I am rewarded, it is my own sense of becoming.

And one more quote log for the fire:

“A lack of seriousness,” you wrote, “has led to all sorts of wonderful insights.”
Yes. The world is too serious. To get mad at a work of art “” because maybe somebody, somewhere is blowing his stack over what I’ve done “” is like getting mad at a hot fudge sundae…. I’ve said it before: I write in the voice of a child. That makes me readable in high school. [Laughs.] Not too many big sentences. But I hope that my ideas attract a lively dialogue, even if my sentences are simple. Simple sentences have always served me well. And I don’t use semicolons. It’s hard to read anyway, especially for high school kids. Also, I avoid irony. I don’t like people saying one thing and meaning the other.

And talk about prophetic! People who engage in twitter might be properly called Wampeters

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  1. Love the quote about the doing. Hard to live up to that one. But it’s crucial.

    Not so sure about the hot fudge sundae idea, though. Playfulness and seriousness are not opposites–gotta name check my new pal Huizinga on that one. But I do get the drift of what Vonnegut’s saying, and I don’t want to get all medieval on his rogueishness….

    All too true about Harrison Bergeron, yes indeed….

  2. “That most succinctly hits the “why” factor for more- in the doing of blogging, I am rewarded, it is my own sense of becoming.”


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