Now I am Comfortable
Now I am Comfortable
posted 27 Jul ’07, 8.09am MDT PST on flickr

New Puppy X gets ready for first night with her new family.

Puppy X needs a name. Operators are standing by.

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  1. Oh what a cutie! Ok, so here’s what popped into my head right away: Belle or Bella. All dogs are beautiful or handsome, but there’s something about here that’s beautiful in its essence.

  2. I have a beagle — but he’s a little old man at this point (at 11). I love him.

    I’m not good at names but I hope you enjoy her so much.

  3. My wife has always loved the name Soda-Pop Curtis via “The Outsiders.” I stopper her from naming our dog (Tanner), but sometimes I really wish we had gone with it.

    Soda Pop Curtis.

  4. Nothing like a puppy photo to bring out the comments, thanks!

    She is adapting wonderfully and is very affectionate. Got a little scared with a visiting Great Dane.

    The naming has been tough! I wish I had a list of the hundreds of rejects.

    So puppy X is now known as “Fresa” – (“FRAY-sah)”)-spanish for “strawberry” which is the small town where our cabin is.

  5. Great name!!! Our dog is named for our great state of South Carolina. She’s a yellow lab, and her name is Sandlapper Jessimine (state nickname and state flower.) We call her Sandy for short.

  6. You dont even need to get a dog, just photos of one.

    Hmmm, business opportunity- licensing of cute doggie photos to increase your blog traffic.

  7. What kind of dog is Fresa? We’ve been thinking about getting one and yours looks like the kind we would like (the right size etc.) Is she gentle with small children?

  8. Fresa is a beagle. I’d read up on the breed, as they can be high energy. And clever- they get into things, very curious. Fresa as an individual is very gentle, but I would not characterize all beagles as her.

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