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Unexpected Time Diversion

My $0.00 Under the Desk Organizer
My $0.00 Under the Desk Organizer
posted 25 Jul ’07, 3.37pm MDT PST on flickr

Always in the spirit of being (acting?) organized, I decided to move some things off the top fo my desktop to underneath like the DSL modem (which needs rare attention) and my USB / Firewire external drives.

As much as I try to bundle and clamp wires. it always ends up a jungle down there. My shelf solution uses two wood doors from kitchen cabinets long gone, and supports from some un-used bricks.

While moving all this stuff around (which began simply by a desire to add a DSL filter to the phone line in an effort to cut some annoying phone buzz), I began pulling wires, moving stuff underneath.

it just so happens while re-plugging phone/ethernet lines, my Qwest service must have blinked out, as one phone went dead (the fax line was good) and the net went out. Oh, for one thing mixed up the LAN and LINE ports on the DSL modem. Even once that sorted out, it was some 10 minutes of cussing, re-checking, and suddenly, the lights all blinked back on.

GTD? hardly.

It was all in the name of trying to be organized that an hour vanished moving cables, somehow happening in a time frame when someone at Qwest was playing, “what does this switch do?”

Now back to my important work.. where is my Twitterific?

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  1. Did you include the time spent writing up this blog post into the time that vanished ;-)? Just kidding, it was a fun read at the end of a long, and not too happy, day.

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