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Sizeasy- User Generated Size Database

Just what I needed in the middle of a work day- another interesting web tool. But there is this itch when I find these, and the scratch says, “Hmmm. Must blog this…. must …. blog…. this….”

So how do you know if something is “bigger than a breadbox”? You can guess or measure. Sizeasy is billed as atool to help when you are shopping online- like how big is that gizmo when the web catalog has “dimensions: 128x32x87cm”?? This site allows you to enter those exact dimensions, and then either compare it to something else or to an object of known dimensions.

it generates it as a 3D view, and you can rotate to compare widths, heights, etc.

So, in a quick play, I entered (guesses) for the dimensions of say, a refirgerator, and compared it to a mattress and a plasma screen:


But the neat thing is that when people create their comparsions, they are saved on the site, and thus – a user generated collection of size comparisons, like Box Of Matches vs iRiver s10 vs Ipod Shuffle


And there’s a lot of saved comparisons for devices like:

I’m not exactly sure why I find this interesting, but its a novel concept.

Linktribution to …. well I cannot linktribute. I found this in the September issue of MacWorld, but their web site only has the August issue on line. How Web 1.0 is that? Paper before web?

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