The voices are not real but they do have some good ideas
The voices are not real but they do have some good ideas
posted 11 Mar ’07, 3.10pm MDT PST on flickr

Latest sign no the Beaverton-Hillsdale highway.

The sign is in Portland, Oregon. (On the Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway,
between Portland and Beaverton). I have no affiliation – I just drive
or ride the bus past the sign most days. The sign is located here (via mapquest).

Here is a cool link to Flash Earth which gives a satellite image of the sign!


Another gem of a sign on the Oregon highways. It has me thinking about Virtual Worlds!

And this is a tip of the photo-berg- see /Werid Signs, Advertsm and headlines pool

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  1. I love it when local businesses do something like this. There used to be a plumbing supply company in my town that updated their sign each week with a witty piece of wisdom. Glad to see it wasn’t an isolated experience 🙂

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