Feeding Mobile

Rev up your LP of “Who’s Next”:

I’m readin’ feeds
And when I want to read blogs, I’m going mobile
Well I’m gonna find a blog on wheels, see how it feels,
Goin’ mobile
Keep me feeding

Actually not, as my mobile phone does not much more than allow phone calls and taking blurry photos. Oh, I can send messages to twitter. But someday, someday, I will have a real phone, that can do things like get web content and read QR codes- those bar codes which can link mobiles to web content. I got interested in them a bit when I stumbled across Semapedia, a web tool for putting bar codes in the world that link locations to info in Wikipedia.

Today I got a link (was it from RSS, twitter? who knows any more) to Brent Schlenker’s post onn publishing a conference guide that had embedded QR codes (Brent is actually a local here in Phoenix and we keep meaning to meet up for coffee).

Anyhow, like ne link leading to the next and the next, I saw his blog had its own QR code from Feed2Mobile – a free service that converts blog feeds to mobile friendly format, and provides the QR code to put on your site (presumably so phones can grab the feed??).

So now, CogDogBlog’s weighty sidebar has new bling, the Feed2Mobile code, which also provides a link to the version of my feed as it will appear on an equipped mobile device.

So while I like a worthy mobile device reader, I am getting mildly interested in how web content is being “embedded” elsewhere than just a browser on a computer.

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  1. Hi CogDog! One of these days we’ll hook up for coffee 😉
    Do you have a phone that reads the QR codes? It’s driving me nuts to find such a cool technology and not be able to see it if even works. I’m all Mac/iPhone and I can’t find anyone with the other type of phone to see how well the readers work.
    Let me know if you find anything else cool in this space. I see a LOT of interesting opportunities.

  2. I wish! My current phone is a 2 year old Motorola which has the features of allowing me to send and receive phone calls, and to take blurry photos. Not much more.

    I’m in the hover state of looking as its possible an iphone might be coming my way (or am I dreaming?)

  3. Leonard Low at Canberra Insitute for Technology is a bit of a wiz in this area. He had one of these barcodes printed on the T-Shirt he was wearing at the International mLearn Conference in Melbourne this year. I believe it had a link coded to it, which linked to his Bio. Check him out here http://mlearning.edublogs.org/

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