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Embed Flickr Notes In Other Web Pages!

Sometimes a comment spurns me to explore and learn something new– it just happened!

I love flickr notes and am confounded about how few people, especially educators take advantage of a tool to provide hypertext annotation to images. But the only way to view them is on the flickr site.

So when “kev_hickey_uk” left a comment on my What Can We Do With Flickr demo, I deleved into google to dig up an answer.

And I fell into a solution at Yuan.CC Flickr Experiments- Display Flickr With Notes – the details there, and actually easier, the bookmarklet, creates cut and paste JavaScript that allows you to put a note-labeled image into your own site (it likely will not work in public hosted blogs like Blogger, and which filter out javascript code)… but here is my demo….

I Love this web.

UPDATE April 7, 2013 Looks like this script no longer works. This was the code:

But the src url returns an error.

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