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Spam in a GMail Ocean

Even with a slew of slaughtered email spam and just about every message I have gotten for several years, my use of GMail’s space hovers around 0%:


Some of this is likely because they quietly just upped everyone’s quote to 6 Megabytes, a whole lotta space indeed.

The again Google is out there harvesting all of my precious email for their own profit. Heck, if they can make a profit off of my Nigeria inheritance spam and my facebook-twitter-every-other-social-web site bacn, go fer it.

Speaking of spammers, thankfully they continue to send messages in all caps, subject line too. Makes it dead easy to zap ’em, if if there was any question whether some unknown person gave me $6 million or if I won the Dutch Lottery. Again.

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  1. Hey – you get more space than me (I get a measly 6035MB) – is that because the Dutch lottery pays more than the $25M I win each week from the UK NATIONAL LOTTERY?

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