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Blog Danger Code Level Yellow

Blog Danger Code Level Yellow
Blog Danger Code Level Yellow
posted 6 Jan ’08, 10.31am MST PST on flickr

Word choice on CogDogBlog has earned me a code yellow, Elevated: Tom Cruise might ask me for spare change.

The Airbag Blog Advisory System was just quirky enough I had to take time and try.

In these dark times you can never be too careful that’s why we at the Airbag Department of Security created a Blog Advisory System so that Website Masters can alert their users to the threat condition of words being used.

Do you use words like crap, damn, hell, poop, kakka in your blog posts and/or comments? Then consider adding the an Airbag Department of Security Blog Advisory System badge to your site to prevent people from becoming victims of your freedom hating content. Sticks and stones sure, but believe me pal, the power of the blog comment is mightier than a dirty bomb.

Developed in our secret Australian labs by |337 h3x0r Cub1cle, the Blog Advisory System is easy to add to any website on the Internets that are compatible with modern technology called Javascript.

Basically, I stuck I bit of Javascript into the HTML of my vlog’s sidebar, and it does some dynamic analysis (or just picks from random levels, but I want to believe..) so if I ramp up my language, I might hit High (orange) :You’re probably going to get fork stabbed. Learn how to walk it off.

I was just curious to see what would show, so I’m not leaving it up on the template clutter sidebar.


Linktribution to Tim Lauer via twitter

What’s your level?

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