Plenty of Instructions at the Alamo
Plenty of Instructions at the Alamo
posted 7 Nov ’06, 9.40am MST PST on flickr

Do quiet non smoking men only have to remove their hats? Why do women get to keep their hats on? Can we take pictures?

This sign from the Alamo hopefully is not hung at the ELI conference venue.

Tomorrow (or is it later today, I sure blew a bunch of time on twitter) I am bound for San Antonio for the EDUCAUSE ELI Annual Conference. This has become one of my favorite yearly events, much more human scale than the large circus of the EDUCAUSE main conference in October.

In many ways it feels like our NMC Summer Conference, and this one is better ’cause I dont have to run anything, I just get to show up.

But it’s valuable all because of the people who come to this conference, almost all of my favorite edu colleagues will be there. For nostalgia, it was ELI in 2002 (?) that I first heard a session from Brian Lamb who’s refreshing view at that time on so called “learning objects” (are they stil around??) became the grounds for many great collaborations. And there’s a long list of other folks I hope to connect with.. if those pesky presentation sessions don’t get in the way.

So what the heck, as online a freak as I am, I am now excited about F2F encounters like ELI.

My only responsibility is showing up for the Tuesday 3pm NMC session where we release the 2008 Horizon Report.

There are some rumors that Elwood Alexander may be called again into action like in 2007

[flv: 320 240]

I’m sure ELI will be all twittered, blogged, flickr-ed, etc. Cannot wait to get there!

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  1. Alan, welcome to my city, San Antonio!! I just found out about the conference yesterday ( and hate the fact I’m going to miss it.

    I AM hoping that some of the sessions will be podcast or live-blogged for the rest of us who can’t make it. Now I’m really bummed that the famous CogDog will be in SA at the Conference with George Siemens and Henry Jenkins and I’ll miss you all.


    Take care,

    Miguel Guhlin
    Around the

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