There’s a Metaphor Here Somewhere

Yesterday I dutifully filled the bird feeders for all the numerous finches, jays, acorn wood peckers that I imagine are pretty hungry in the cold winter up on the Mogollon Rim, Arizona. As i was working today, out my window about 3 feet away, I watched this gray suited thug empty the feeder in about 15 minutes, and grabbed a video on my Canon PowerShot shooting through the window.

I cannot explain why I bothered to edit or even post this, just felt like it. Music is from the Internet Archive’s 78RPM Collection, Ernest Thompson – Red Wing (April 15, 1924).

Hmmm, perhaps I need a predator…

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  1. Hey, if the birds are probably “pretty hungry in the cold winter up on the Mogollon Rim,” don’t you think the squirrels might be too? Give the poor guy a break! For all he knows, you put the food out especially for him — which means he’s not a thug. 🙂

  2. I obviously must be procrastinating – my Google Reader is overloaded with posts that I should read and have been slack writing my own posts. Normally would not stop to watch a video but who can resist watching a squirrel enjoying itself – especially when they are not native to Western Australia.

    But still pondering about the metaphor?

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