The Answer is Not Good
The Answer is Not Good by cogdogblog
posted 29 Feb ’08, 9.56am MST PST on flickr

Yes, is not good

Link leads to Scalable Internet Architectures (Developer’s Library)

I am getting the shakes.

I guess its time to run over to Jaiku and Pownce and commiserate among the other Twitter Addicts

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  1. Hi Alan,

    I’m definitely happy to leave Twitter. My primary concern though, as is that of others I’m sure, is that I’ll loose the network of educators, eLearning and educational people, IT wizzes, etcetera that I’ve developed over my period of Twitter usage. Perhaps we could try and coordinate a community to assist in the exodus, so people know where we’re going to, and therefore ease the transition and ensure no one is left behind.

    I guess the question is, how could this be done? Perhaps a more high profile edublogger could lead the charge? I’m pretty small change personally :)



  2. Hold on, you mean you actually got this site to give you a “Yes” answer? I thought this was a joke. I mean I’ve checked it many times when twitter was down only to be told (incorrectly) that “No” it wasn’t down. I think someone is messing with us Pavlovian dogs.

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