Twitter Works!
Twitter Works! by cogdogblog
posted 22 Feb ’08, 3.38pm MST PST on flickr

Bill Fitzgerald exclaimed this after asking attendees at nrothern voice who had aspirin and Chris Lott tweete back, "me"

People keep asking for how to use flickr or what its practical applications are.

Bill Fitzgerald can now vouch that he was able to use twitter to take care of his headache (of course, not drinking at the tiki bar might have worked as well, but not nearly as web 2.0 neat)

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  1. Yep– it’s even better. Jen asked but Bill, as a happy member of the Twitter-facilitated CoP, was able to benefit. All hail Twitter!

  2. Bill used a Twoogle – Twitter as the human Google by posing a question and getting near-instantaneous results, as well as getting headache relief.
    Really Twittastic and Twitterrific! Have a good Tweetend!

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