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Dr Glu
With Brian’s announcement that Gardner Campbell is visiting Vancouver this week (shucks, wish I could have extended the stay another week… or forever), I remain tickled at the shelf life of my silly graphic there— and more so that Gardner even sometimes refers to himself as “Dr Glu”.

These were from a series of images I created for the so called “Fish Tacos” Beyond the Blog session Brian and did at EDUCAUSE ELI in 2006. Somehow we got on this train of doing a Science Fiction flavor (yes, we did wear foil hats for this presentation) and is really among the most favorite collaborations I have done– we did the whole presentation via flickr along with some creepy sci fi music Brian fished out of the mysterious place he finds weird sounds (we had people coming in asking us to turn it off, so it was effective).

I got on this idea of doing knock off of cheap paperback book covers, and mixing up the names of them or the authors to honor (we hoped) our colleagues, so see who you can identify in the set– last year I had used VoiceThread to pull that flickr set into a show– so drop by and leave some comments for the Good Dr. Glu.

Travel safe, Dr Glu…. (Hey EduGlu Band– he needs a theme song…)

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  1. I loved that presentation, Alan, and was very happy about the foil hats and weird music. I thought the whole thing was mightily effective. You guys know how to stir things up in all the right ways. One of my favorite ELI moments! What an honor and a thrill to have met so many amazingly smart and interesting people. I’m still knocked out you’d include me in that panoply of notables.

    “You Can Leave Your Hat On.” :)

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