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Tried to pretend I was sleeping in the doghouse when tagged…

Mmmmm, another mutated strand of 5 things meme got batted my way from Alisa. I’ve got a lukewarm thing about such things. Over the years I have never forwarded those email things which warned an anvil would drop from the sky on this coyote if I failed to forward. Well, maybe it did.

But I’ll play only because Alisa is so cool and knows my favorite cocktail 😉

So her rules are:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences (sentences 6-9).
5. Tag five people.

Okay, so I’ll start by saying that I had to change the rules. I just had to blaze a new path. Do things my way or the highway. (Insert your own Cliché here)

I’ll try it your way, @soul4real! though it will reveal what a literary noob I am as Go Dog Go and CDB barely clock above 20 pages 😉

Unorganized Conundrum

Since my office is chaos, it was easy to pluck three books from the random stacks. Let’s see if I can count sentences….

rummaging and counting sentences…. Ah, I like this one!

After a long silence he yawned, then said, “We’re using another shadowless thing.”

“What’s that”?


The only clue is the story takes place in the outdoors of Oregon.

One not used was O’Henry’s Short Stories (hah, I paid 10 cents for it in a thrift store; on Amazon it is 14 cents!) – the sentences landing there almost sounded like a geology book.

The other not used was Edward Abbey’s Brave Cowboy which I would have easily taken since he is one of my favorite authors (my copy of Desert Solitaire is in shreds), but the first sentence was one of those free flowing like a desert wash in flash flood ones- literally a paragraph.

Now the hard part- who do I want to inflict this upon? Should I pass the meme on? Will people just groan and mutter foul words about me when they get tagged? Oh well. I’ll pick some from my Google reader with no real logic of choice.

  1. Jim Groom cause he is sure to be eclectic and reads big thick (and remembers them)
  2. Scott Leslie ditto- I saw all the books in his basement office, so I know he has a stack, And I bet he hates memes more than me.
  3. Sue Waters just because I know she reads every trackback ping, likes memes, and is just a fun person who has gobs of people she can spread this to.
  4. Rachel Smith cause I know she wants to post something on her new blog site.
  5. Chris Lott cause he needs a light hearted break from blogging about PLEs and imagine he has an Alaskan scale sized book collection. I am guessing he will roll his eyes at the meme thing too.

I guess there was a theme to my selection, they are all from people who blog from the west coast of their continents.


I have done the dirty deed.

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  1. Right on! I love the rationale for not choosing a book more than I do the actual lines from the book in most cases. Thanks for indulging me. 🙂

  2. Here is mine, which I kinda liked:

    My frat brothers approved the idea but insisted that at Tolson’s poetry reading all Omegas would have to wear tuxedos to set them apart from and above all others. Reluctantly, I agreed.

    There is a huge hint in there to give away the subject, if not the book itself,. I do love the tension in this passage, and the idea of moving ahead with what others “approve” reluctantly. It reverberates widely. I think I am going to kill my part of the meme in your comments, but don’t for a second think it’s because your not so cool, because you are and you know it!

  3. This is funny – I saw the same meme passed to my wife except that it required the posting of 5 sentences (which for her book was almost a full page – George Elliot has a thing for compound sentences).

  4. That’s just plain cruel! I twisted the Passion Quilt meme just to make it look like I participated while achieving my own aim of trying to educate others more about Flickr, creative commons licenses and geotagging.

    Well I hope your satisfied the closest book is on Aquaculture and this is what it says:
    “Unfortunately , there is no simple genetic formula or recipe that an aquaculturist can follow to enable the best management of the population’s genes. The programme that a farmer or hatchery manager needs is determined by his or her own specific goals:
    Some farmers may want to improve productivity by selecting for larger or heavier animals.”

    Now I’m going to have to read the entire chapter since that last sentence is incredibly bad and really misguiding — the most common cause of inbreeding and decreased productivity is because farmers don’t know enough about genetics and end up selecting the largest or heavier animals without taking into account the animals history. Often these animals are the small guys they keep chucking back – so they end up selecting the slow growers.

    See there is so much to farming fish 🙂

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