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Waiting for the Twitter Follow Up Song

Here’s a toe tapper – show your love for Facebook:

Linktribution to Suw Charman-Anderson

So now Facebook has a chat client built in. Where did they get that idea? Will they try to position themselves as also a hub for web-apps? While working on your FaceDocs will you be able to poke your colleague or toss them a sheep?

Hey, I say this in fun. Facebook has become the ________ it is because people are in there, in masses, using these things. There is something there.

I’ve followed a few discussions recently of people debating the potential/merits/pitfalls of using Facebook for “Acdemic Work” (is it “FaceBoard” or “BlackBook”?) and the various sides of how “students don’t want you in their space” (debatable, thats likely the expressions of the vocal one side). If it were me, I would not think about the idea of dumping course content into a “CourseWall”, but looking perhaps creatively the things that Facebook might offer in terms of networking, communications, media resources…. it will work for some researchers/students and not for many others. I would certainly sign up for a Scrabble class ;-)

My hobby in Facebook has been collecting invitations I am ignoring (guess what, I am really antisocial). Among the 112 things I am ignoring are:

  • 1 just three words invitation
  • 4 pledge tree invitations
  • 4 smile requests
  • 1 zombies invitation
  • 1 be a billionaire! request
  • 1 fire, air, earth, or invitation
  • 1 chinese new year request
  • 1 blog friends invitation
  • 1 end forced invites! request
  • 1 funnest friends invitation
  • 2 most creative people invitations
  • 1 movie quiz request
  • 1 poker- help a friend invitation
  • 1 you’re a hottie request (only 1?)

I am sad that I have but a single “you’re a hottie request” ;-)

Please note the handful of readers who tend to read what I write here literally- I am in and watching and contemplating the facebook phenomena. But its just too easy to make fun of.

And now I am wondering where is the “I’m bored of Twitter” song? Fortunately I have other sites to fill in the boredom gaps.

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  1. Thanks Alan for sharing the video on Facebook. I’ve followed up with my own short post :) as the video really says it all for me.

    Yes I know I should write this on your other post but I’m tired and it’s late. 5.00 am — I would be feeling a tad sorry for you except I’ve been doing that most Thursday mornings when I join Open PD in the US. PS even unwell you are an excellent presenter and I learnt a lot from all your sessions.

  2. Bill Fitzgerald points to several legal concerns associated with putting academic content in FB:

    I think the real value of FB is it’s ability to enable conversations.

    BTW, I am “enrolled” in BJ Fogg’s Psychology of FB course in FB. Fogg has created a course that studies FB while employing it as a medium to connect, share, and communicate. He even has a UStream link that allows outsiders like myself the opportunity to peek inside his f2f classroom and follow conversations (participating in conversations outside the class is restricted to the UStream chat and any of the IM/email features within FB). Quite a daring enterprise, I think.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! -c-

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