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Now This is a Conference Bag!

Now This is a Conference Bag!
Now This is a Conference Bag! by cogdogblog
posted 22 Apr ’08, 11.38pm MDT PST on flickr

They don’t make them like the used to… most of ther bags I get at conferences end up in the filing cabinet. This heavy duty tool box was the cool giveaway at UCON97, the 1997 Macromedia Users Conference, besides the nice travel bag from the 2003 MERLOT conference, is the only one I have every kept.

In the 1990s, my multimedia work revolved around Director. I actually scammed my way into the 1997 Macromedia conference on a “press” pass, a claim I made based on the amount of free coverage I provided Macromedia on the old Director Web site.

And there is nary a web shred left of the old sites, as they all now point to the mothership’s mothership.

Looking back, I see that I more or less rolled a basic blog tool tool in 1997 to provide “press coverage” for the conference under the name of “Johnny Lingo”– see UCON 97 Exposed!, where I created a simple tool for several folks to post news stories and to post photos.

There’s even an entry by Marc Canter or someone posing as him.

Seriously, look at this site- its a blog software! I wrote this in 1997! I invented blogging!

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  1. Yes indeed, it was a blog. And I wish I had been lucky enough to know you back then when I was trying to find a good way to get my Spanish composition students to share writing samples more effectively (and in a fun manner). You were defiitely ahead of the game.

  2. Nice conference bag indeed. If conference organisers stopped handing out conference bags what would the average conference attendee prefer to receive in its place?

    A 64 gig thumb drive perhaps?
    Portable hard drive?
    Nice pair of sunglasses?
    B&O earphones?

    During the nineties I was buried in HyperCard. Those were the days.
    Cheers, John

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