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Order Before Midnight! Invites for Toufee Beta

There is a new private beta for Toufee, one of the online video editor site listed at slot 41 on my 50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story (the order means nothing). I’ve not had time to do much with it, but San, the guy behind the software, is offering me to share invites to 10 others who want to play with a new version.

So if you want a pass, let me know.

Toufee’s first version allowed me to import images from flickr, YouTube, put them on a timeline, and publish as embeddable or linked flash video.

According to the blurb I have, they have rebuilt the software using Adobe’s Flex3 (dont ask me if that matters) which I believe is what runs Adobe’s own online photo editing tools. This new version of Toufee will allow publishing directly to YouTube or export as SWF, it offers a pile of effects. I see a button for “Collaboration” which I read suggests you can have multiple people working on a movie project.

Again, I’m not going to have time to really push the new version, but if you like beta software and want to give this one a twirl, contact me.

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