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Kokopelli Calling Brian Lamb

Follow Kokopelli to Starbucks!
Follow Kokopelli to Starbucks! by cogdogblog
posted 27 May ’08, 4.58pm MDT PST on flickr

Mesmerized by the sounds of his flute, you order a triple latte venti… again.

The World’s Largest Kokopelli pipes his way in Camp Verde, Arizona

This one’s for you, my coffee monopoly hating friend.

FYI, I marched over to the convenience store and got a juice and water, no venti shmenti for me.

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  1. Uncanny — I was just having an unaccountable craving for an iced chai latte that will cost me six bucks, and something told me to check your blog. How-dee-doo!

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