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Mashed Up Lamb

Hmmmm, this blog post title sounds like either a bad idea for a recipe with a food processor or a headline of a New Zealand rural road accident report.

But noooo, neither, it is this awesome video done by Clint Lalonde where he mashes up Brian Lamb for an intro to a keynote Brian did for the Distributed Education Conference at Camosun College.

Dr Mashup gets mashed up himself!

I think Stephen Downes’ voice has never sounded more natural ;-) And check the credits, “made with 100% free stuff”

See the wiki bits of Brian’s presentation Confessions of an unrepentant doomfreak… It’s all coming apart, but that may not be a bad thing but I am sure it pales to the in person experience.

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  1. Simply awesome. Brian is such an inspiration to listen to. If there’s anyone capable of motivating the institution of education to expand outside the walls of its steeped traditions into more innovative and inclusive delivery methods it’s him. Go Brian!

  2. …egads that was a slip. I don’t mean “delivery” methods, I mean “collaborative”, “colearning” or “communicative” methods…

  3. okay off topic. I leave for Australia on Tuesday.

    How crappy do you feel for the first few days? What is the going over jet leg like?
    What is the coming back jet lag like?
    What would you have done differently to avoid jetlag?

    And, I’m going to Brisbane and Sydney – any advice on not to be missed placed to take photos?

    Any other advice?

  4. I’ll say, off topic. But I will respond to any comment that is not spam, and for Beth? She gets anything she wants.

    Its hard to predict “how crappy” you will feel. Last time, I tried, only semi successfully to shift my sleep schedule to Australia time a few days before. The best thing you can do, if you are able to, is to sleep on the plane. I got a good 6+ hours last time on the 13 hour stretch, and managed to go out for dinner the first night. Jump right away into the local time zone.

    Sleep is good,

    What I will do different next time is try to get some antibiotics in my system before hand, as the last time I ended up sick my 2nd day down under.

    Coming back seemed less severe.

    My time in the cities was pretty quick. I found the downtown parts of Brisbane very photographic (modern and older architecture mix) as well as the places along the water front- there are (I think) water taxis and boar tours.

    Of course in Sydney the harbour is the big attraction, but touristy; its worth a walk across the big bridge. Of course get up close to the opera house, but best vewis might be from water. I;’ve not been to the zoo, but here it is wonderful, not have I gotten to the beaches (Manley). My local hosts took me to a great funky part, New Town, which throbs with night energy. The University of Sydney is a stunning, old style campus too.

  5. Back ON topic – as Stephen (hawk’n) Downes said in OlDaily ‘one of the words in our new vocabulary’, important stuff. Having listened to the end I see where his IDENTITY crisis begins. And yes, Beth can get away with whatever ‘cos she has been mashing longer than most of us.

    Back OFF topic – oh the ‘glamor’ of international public transport. When I used to ‘commute’ between Adelaide and Seattle it generally cost me a week of lag/sickness on the way home (worse than the way over, but adrenalin may have contributed to that).

    Take care in OZ
    Fang – Mike Seyfang

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