Quick Quiz: What New Web Tool Can You Use and Get an ASUS?

A few weeks ago I came across a nifty new web embedded quiz tool on Steve Dembo’s site – his edublogger quiz was rather thorough, and is worth seeing how well you know your fellow bloggers.

Steve made this quiz with MyStudiyo which who knows, may become the YouTube for multiple choice quizzes?

It offers you templates and easy tools to build a quiz, and your questions and feedbacks can include images and video media. I think there is also a feature where people can contribute more questions to your quiz (not that I ever had a test where I did not get enough questions!) which may have some interesting applications- a quiziki?

They are running a contest this month where if you create a quiz and embed it in your blog, you could win a top prize of one of those sexy little ASUS EEE computers as top prize or $50 Amazon.com credits. All you have to do is impress Steve Dembo and Sue Waters with your creativity in quizzing.

I’d like to see some folks that can create some quizzes that defy the ability to guess and succeed- when I was in school, one of the most useful things I learned (helping me move easily through standardized tests) was how to get answers right on multiple choice quizzes for things I knew nothing about; even on Steve’s quiz my guessing quotient got me at least 30% of the questions where I truly did not know the answer.

But there are places where multiple choice thingies are appropriate, and from a scan by, this tool looks like a great one for teachers. Go cook up a cool quiz and win a tiny computer? Not a bad result for a test…

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I tried it out and made a fun test quiz about the Diamond Sutra – not exactly a multiple-choice topic! There’s quite a bit of potential in this. Next time I’ll try the version that enables others to add their own questions.

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