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July 19 Meetup Under the Bridge

The Bridge
The Bridge by cogdogblog
posted 28 Oct ’07, 8.29pm MDT PST on flickr


If you are in Sydney July 19, how about meeting up with myself and NMC colleagues Larry Johnson and Rachel Smith? We are traveling down under July 5-20 as we launch a new project with a meeting in Melbourne (a Horizon Report focused on education technology in Australia) and we are visiting lovely Sydney on the last leg of our trip.

On our last day, a few people are gathering to (weather allowing) do a beach walk organized by Sean Fitzgerald and then Angela Thomas is arranging a dinner in the evening somewhere in Darling Harbour. If you are interested in either, leave a comment here or email me (cogdogblog at gmail dot com) and we’ll keep you posted of plans. We’ve had a few banterings on Facebook, but her is the semi-official plan– this is no meeting or conference, just a chance for us to meet and hang out with colleagues in Sydney.

Yes, email is so 1.0. On my last trip Sean and I did build a wiki to organize the hike in the Blue Mountains, and pretty much we were the ones writing there, so we lamed back to doing it the simple way.

It won’t be the view in the photo above, as that was taken last October as my friend Westley took me for a sunrise kayak under The Bridge, as an amazing way to end my 3 week jaunt across the continent

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  1. Sad face 🙁 unless you can convince my work that I have to be part of it all. Hope you have an excellent trip to Australia (even if it is getting really cold right now).

  2. Awww. Will be on the other side of the world. Hey, get yourself up to Queensland next time. You don’t know what you’re missing. Have a great time.

  3. Looking forward to meeting up with you again, Alan, and meeting Larry and Rachel. A brisk winter beach walk sounds fine (if it’s sunny it will be warm).

  4. Alan – have you done the climb up the bay bridge there? Milt Cox was showing my pictures of his climb today. It’s wild. You should do it while you’re there!

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