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Nigerian Spam Referencing Nigerian Spam

I only like email spam when it is creatively subtle in cleverness– this one comes close.

In this sneaky approach, the email references victims of Nigerian spammers with a supposed offer to submit for reimbursement courtesy of the government of Nigeria and the United Nations. So if you were really moronic enough to fall for an email scam once, this one can zap you a second time? Oh my, if you read it on face value, it even sounds legitimate .. well, except for them offering to feed me more modalities. And they got that hoodlum!

Oh and sure, government officials would certainly be contacting you via a Gmail account. Yup.

From: ” Barrister Jerry Williams” <>
Date: June 29, 2008 4:23:43 AM GMT-07:00
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: EFCC And United Nations Compensation Committee
Reply-To: <>

Attention: Beneficiary,

SCAMMED VICTIMs/ $1.5 million COMPENSATION-REF/PAYMENTS CODE: 01589. We were delegated by

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [ EFCC] Nigeria in conjunction with the United Nations to pay 200 Americans,Asia,and Europe only, who were scammed by Nigerian 419 artists/perpetrators

You are listed and approved for this payments as one of the scammed victims.Your particulars was mentioned by one of the hoodlums who was arrested in Imo state Nigeria as one of their victims.

Be informed also that Efcc in support of the US secret service is already on trace of other criminals.

In view of this recommendations, I want you to know that during the last UN and EFCC meetings held this year March 20th,2008 at Abuja, Nigeria. It was alarmed vehemently by the rest of the world in the meeting on the loss of funds by various foreigners to the scam
artists operating in Nigeria.

Therefore, In other to retain the good image of this country, the president (Alhaji Umaru Musa Yaraduah) has instructed the arrest of any person or organisation involved in fraud and money laundry activities.And also the payment of $1.5 million to 200 victims.

In respect to this order,The Governor of Delta State James Ibori,the governor of Edo state Lucky Igbinedion and many other goverment funtionaries out of there generousity, have decided to join hands with the government for the payment of $1.5 million to 200 victims who can produce an evidence of being defrauded by these 419 artists.

According to the number of applicants at hand, 65 beneficiaries have been paid.we still have more left to be paid.

Please contact us as soon as you receive this email and send us the following for proper documentation:

1.Your name
3.Phone number
4.Age and Marital status

we shall feed you with further modalities as soon as we hear from you.

Yours faithfully,
Barrister Jerry Williams.
De-facto Chief Compensation Officer,
EFCC And United Nations Compensation Committee,
(United nations Anti-fraud Committee)

Thanks Barrister Jerry! You rock, man!

Check out the real web site for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) — did they borrow that menacing bald eagle from the current administration? The mission alone is priceless:

The EFCC will curb the menace of the corruption that constitutes the cog in the wheel of progress; protect national and foreign investments in the country; imbue the spirit of hard work in the citizenry and discourage ill gotten wealth; identify illegally acquired wealth and confiscate it; build an upright workforce in both public and private sectors of the economy and; contribute to the global war against financial crimes.

I am trying to sort out how a menace is a “cog in the wheel of progress”??

PT Barnum is ROTFL.

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  1. I once got an email with the subject line “Fraudulent Spam.” They got points for honesty, but I still didn’t read it :^)

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