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CogDogBlog Wordle

CogDogBlog Wordle
CogDogBlog Wordle by cogdogblog
posted 1 Jul ’08, 6.26pm MDT PST on flickr

Wordle is a way cool visualization tool for making gorgeous tag clouds form text. Like many people, I did the easy thing first- a wordle made from my tags and then played with a not so easy to use tool to generate your flickr tags into text so you could "wordle" it.

But I want to think more creatively what to wordle. Hmmmm.

So I decide to run a MySQL query to generate all of the titles of my blog posts (going back to 2002):

SELECT post_title FROM wp_posts WHERE post_status = ‘publish’ and post_type = ‘post’

and exported that list (2050 lines) as a text and plopped it into Wordle.

So now I see the things I blog about… RSS, Blog, Spam, Learning, Web, New> Flickr, NMC… Hmmm what would you wordle?

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  1. I might want to wordle the text of my course objectives/student performance standards in order to “see” how words like “remember”, “explain” and “understand” stack up against words like “analyze”, “evaluate” and “create”

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