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Still Cannot Break Up With Twitter

As much as I like to poke fun at twitter’s reliable flakiness and curse the fail whale

Twitter Sings The Blues

For inexplicable reasons, I stay. Again, twitter is not essential. My days go in fine with or without it. What value is it?

No… scratch all of that.

Twitter just saved me from a huge gaffe.

And it would have put web sites for lot of other folks in a spiral too.

At 11:30PM June 30, I scanned my Twitter replies tab (which was again working after about a week of “being stressed out”). and saw these two tweets from people I dont really know:

twitter archive about feed2js being down

@oninformation and @mahlness were noting that my Feed2JS site (Feed to Javascript site, allows people to embed feed content in web pages) was going to a GoDaddy domain parked site.


So I logged into my GoDaddy account, and holy crap! My domain was expiring on June 30. Today! Tonight! Or it had expired and was ready to go back to the big box of domains. I had thought I set them up for auto renewal, and the email I had in my GoDaddy account was one I rarely check (doh).

I quickly went in and paid up, and set up that domain, plus to auto-renew (I owe Steve Dembo a big thanks always for suggesting I get my own domain like 3 years ago).

But how lucky am I that some folks noticed. And tweeted. Would that have happened in another social service? technically it could but it did not. It was twitter, damn flaky, stupid flying whale busted function every day twitter.

Twitter, I can’t quit you, babe.

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  1. I know the feeling….fail whale mating calls aside, it’s the quickest source of useful information in my day. People ping me with important details on a daily basis and it’s my first news reader.

  2. Sounds to me more like you can’t quit your network, which just happens to be on Twitter right now. And I’m with you on that, neither can I. But Twitter seems to give me more reasons to want to quit it everyday. Regardless, glad you saved your name. Altho I was going to snag it up and then sell it back to you for the big bucks! Ah well, next time 🙂

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