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Ozh’ Plugin Plugs In Missing Features of WordPress Comment Management

I’m sampling now some of my own WordCamp Takeways and am really excited about Ozh’ Absolute Comments plugin recommended by Lorelle.

As she mentioned in her WordCamp session, it rather frustrating in the shiny new WP interface where one goes to edit a comment, though it sounds like she does a lot more comment editing than me. Among the many extra features Ozh’ plugin ads in this is just one. In your comment admin interface it offers a number of new commands right where you need them:

Besides ones you have now, like spam and delete, you can get directly to the screen to edit a comment or see all the comments together from the same post. That’s nice, but the other features are better. The reply function provides a right there ajax interface for posting a reply comment (it even does the @SoandSo prefix).

But wait, there’s more!

The respond link also ajaxes an interface for responding to the commenter, with a box for the response, and you can choose to have it sent as an email, posted to your blog, or both. Now that is awesome.

These all seem features (ahem) of rolling into the WP site for everyone.

I’m also toying with the PicLens (now known as CoolIris) plugin which inserts a link at the bottom of a post that turns all images used in the post into a PicLens slideshow. Now sure of ultimate value, but I love PicLens for viewing media in a slick interface.

And lastly, I added Wp-Navi to add a bit more navigation between archive and search pages besides “next” and “back” – it provides a paged navigation set of links.

Three new cool plugins, yay.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these, Alan. One small plugin that I like is the Filosopho Comments Preview, which (oddly enough) lets commenters preview their comments before they click “post.” A small thing, and one that ought to be baked in as an option, but something I always notice when it’s missing from a blog.

  2. Aren’t these Plugins wonderful? And I love that Engtech from Internet Duct Tape came up with the WordPress Comment Ninja Greasemonkey Script to help people using or those with Plugin-fear to get the same functionality as the Plugins for replying from the Comments Panel.

    I adore how people are pushing the limits of WordPress and coming up with their own solutions to make WordPress even better. Don’t you?

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