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Your Camera Phone is a Document Scanner with Qipit

Almost be sheer accident I just came across Qipit a service that allows you to take photos of sketches or whiteboards with your camera phone, email it to their site, and then have it available as a PDF or even be able to fax it.

Chances are, you carry a cell phone with you everywhere you go. And more than likely, that cell phone has a camera. Qipit turns this handy device into a portable scanner, copier and fax machine, and the user-friendly Qipit service also works with your digital camera at home or the office.

The patented image-processing science behind Qipit is complicated, but the concept is simple: use Qipit to capture and share anything written or printed. Whereever you’re at. Whenever you need it.

I just quickly set up an account, and used my iPhone to take picture of a sketch diagram I have for some plans to redo the taxonomy of our NMC drupal site – which has its own public URL

Now I don’t often sketch things, but with it should not take much to think of some great ways to use this free service. More and more, it seems less important to lug a laptop, when I have a powerful machine as a phone.

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  1. Thanks for this idea. I tried it out immediately and found it so easy to use. It is a great way for students to scan/copy information quickly. I sure I will be able to think of many uses and the students will come up with even more.

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