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Help Pack my (presentation) Bag For WordCamp

As noted with much excitement last week, I am going to WordCamp August 16. It all got notched up a bit now when I got an email from Matt (yes that – what a URL! I looked into getting but the Dutch refused to go for such a short domain).

Anyhow (with a nudge from James who is skipping out on my offer to buy him a beer in San Francisco), Matt asked me to do a presentation on WordPress and education.

Do you think any educators use WordPress?

I thought so.

Some Reverend may tell me of 1500 examples at UMW.

It is a short preso, (15-25 minutes), but I am casting my plea out onto the waters for some folks to share their most favorite, compelling uses of WordPress in education. Not just “a teacher has a blog” but something unique, like the whole saga of Al Upton and the miniLegends, or someone else perhaps using WP in a unique way.

So while you can email them to me, leave a note in the comments, or strap a note to a carrier pigeon, the best way to keep a good thing going is to tag them wpeducation in delicious (no longer and be sure to include some info in the notes field.

Thanks for helping pack my presentation bag. I wish I could get t-shirts for everyone, but my bag is pretty small.

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  1. Hi! I came here via Jim Groom. 🙂

    I run a free blogging site for homeschoolers, based off WorpdressMU. Homeschoolers sign up and yes, get a free blog like you can at But! They’re homeschoolers, so while not just blogging, they are creating and sharing lessons plans, supporting one another, and gosh darn it, their kids are even creating blogs too. Either to work on assignments and report back, or to explore blogging itself. A few have moved on or “graduated” to a web host and a single-user install. They are also used as a formal record and to share with relative who maybe aren’t sure about the whole home learn’ thing.

    Best good example I can give of one of our most prolific members is

  2. Jeremy Boggs and I started ScholarPress, a hub for educational WordPress plugins that fits your presentation. So far we’ve released two plugins – Courseware, which is a streamlined course management system for your WP blog, and WP – which creates a Facebook application out of your WP blog.

    You can check out both at

  3. UBC had running on WordPress MU. We are also Developing a site, a site that educates students “about their rights and responsibilities around the creation and consumption of digital information”. The site will only be launched in September, but you can see the latest developments at (well hidden eh?) The “protect” tab should be pretty well fleshed out by now. If you would like some more information about how we do the back end just let me know.

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