Headed for China 1.0
Headed for China 1.0 by cogdogblog
posted 14 Sep ’08, 10.36am MDT PST on flickr

Chinatown in San Francisco is always a fun place to "visit" but in a few hours I am headed for the real deal or China 1.0, boarding a plane at SFO that will teleport me directly (well 12 hours directly) to Shanghai, where later in the week I am attending/participating in the Learning 2.008 conference.

Excited is an understatement for my first visit to Asia, and this is leg 1 of 3. Following this is a week in Hong Kong and another one in Japan.

And no jokes about how they adore dogs in China, ok?

And for some reason I cannot pass the irony that the entrance here to Chinatown is on “Bush” street, where the welcome sign is “Do not walk” 😉

Look for the volume of photo flow to escalate from me– well if the proxy suggestion from Wes Freyer works behind the wall.

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  1. Well if the proxy setting doesn’t work just use Posterous to email your blog posts and photos to Flickr. And so easy on an iPhone — but will that work outside USA?

  2. Hi, Alan,
    Heard from Mr. P. Delaney that you would come here for a conference. If possible I would like very much to meet and share some time with you here in Shanghai or at Fudan.
    I now teach online journalism to 48 international students at Fudan J School, using WordPress. I think it would be extremely great to have you at my class for a short talk. My class is on Tuesday morning every week.
    My cellphone number is 13661818055 in Shanghai.
    See you soon.

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