Thanks for the Typhoon
Thanks for the Typhoon by cogdogblog
posted 23 Sep ’08, 8.11am MDT PST on flickr

Nick Noakes is the optimal host- he has even arranged a typhoon here in Hong Kong for my entertainment,

Now perhaps I can say I am big winded. My timing was good to arrive in Hong Kong Monday afternoon, when it were merely inhumanely hot and humid. It felt like cars were melting. As the old saying goes, “but it’s a wet heat!”

Colleague and fiend Nick Noakes met me at the airport and provided a crash course in Hong Kong 101 on the drive up to his campus at the Honk Kong University of Science & Technology.

We spent a little time at the uni and then drifted down the hill to a “small” mall (hah) where we had a feast and a half at a Thai restaurant.

Mmmm, curry crab. Say that three times fast.

Everything turned upside down today as Typhoon Hagupit began bearing down on the coast after a blast of a tour in the Philippines. As predicted, it has gone from a signal 3 to an 8 event, meaning announcements came over the speaker warning employees and students to go home before 6pm:

Thyphoon Announcement (chinese) (348k mp3)

So at level 8 people need to be home. The walk back from Nick’s office was a small adventure; in the picture above neither of us could stand too steady on the deck. Back at his “flat”, the wind was blowing very strong against the glass door windows.

No one seems overly worried, this appears to be something that happens frequently here.

If the level 8 clears by 10am tomorrow, my 12:30PM workshop on 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story will go on — I worked a bit on it today, and have it pegged up to 63 ways.

Once done that, it’s time to out my tourist hat on and tour the city.

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  1. Can’t wait for you to visit India next, but then I’d want to go with you. And you’d take me with you right? After all, you’d need a local, somebody who knows the culture, speaks the lingo. And given that I was born and raised there, speak two Indian languages fluently, etc. etc., don’t I just fit the bill perfectly? 😉

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