From Iceland to the Big Screen in Moose Jaw
From Iceland to the Big Screen in Moose Jaw by cogdogblog
posted 20 Nov ’08, 12.25pm MST PST on flickr

We used Skype today for me to present live from Iceland to a group of teachers gathered for a workshop with Dean Shareski in Saskatchewan. Through Skype video and Dean flipping Firefox tabs with me, I did my first remote presentation of 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story

Crazy! Dean was even ustreaming it, so there is also a recorded archive:

Thanks Dean for setting this up. The technology worked flawlessly, the speaker maybe less so. It is always a bot detached presenting when you cannot really see much of the audience, but when they busted out laughing at the Blabberize talking Alpaca, I knew they were on target.

And talk about good timing! Just a few hours earlier, I picked up a ping from Jim Groom and had another stellar example, a student project report created in Glogster.

Please, if you create or come across some good educational examples done in any of the 50 Tools, leave a note in the discussion tab of my wiki. I sit on an RSS feed for that one and will add it to the other examples.

Thanks again Dean! And darned, I learned the hard way that Tim Horton is dead (you need to see the video to understand). Still, a good story can be done with his ghost…

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  1. Cog Dog,

    Hilarious exchange about Tim Horton! I was watching the recorded event and I was dying to jump and and say, Tim Horton would probably be pleased since it is obvious that people were dying to go to his stores!

    Excellent presentation. Loved it.


  2. @John Zurovchak: Thanks for the suggestion- from the description it looks like a decent tool; however this is a desktop app. The criteria for my collection is that the “ways” are all web-based and platform agnostic.

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