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Today’s photo was just another day, just another photo, a string of 366 of them since Mike the Lllama on Jan 1 , 2008 when D’Arcy Norman prompted me to follow along with the post a photo a day game (see more back story in One Day One Photo where this all started).

At last count, the 366 Photos group on flickr was up to 59 members, all amazing since it was all unplanned, un-led, and during the year, I found myself connecting to photographers I knew and did not knew, from here and far away.

In reviewing my 366 photos, I found in my photos:

  • 3 of cacti
  • 22 of friends and colleagues
  • 22 of dogs (plus 3 more of non-canine animals)
  • 22 of signs
  • 10 including alcohol
  • photos from many places in Arizona, plus Vancouver, Victoria, Austin, Orlando, Sanibel Island, Los Angeles, San Diego (hotel room), Princeton, Newark DE, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Melbourne, Cannes, Brisbane, Sydney, San Francisco, Payson, Denver, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kyoto, Mt Fuji, Indianapolis, Iceland, Boston, and Palo Alto.
  • 10 of snow
  • 19 of flowers
  • 4 of leaves
  • 9 of the sky
  • 2 old photos (scanned in)
  • 16 that included me or a recognizable body part of me
  • only 6 that showed my computer
  • 2 from inside Second Life
  • 8 of a road

Yikes!, I posted 4080 photos to flickr in 2008, averaging 12 per day, so the 366 are about 9% of my shared photos. By guesswork, I may have taken 7000 or 8000!

Since photo 1 I have shifted from using a Canon SD 800 to my bought-in-Japan Canon IXI 3000is (14 MP!), with a few using the trusty Canon Digital Rebel XT. I experimented more this year with shooting panoramas and gigapan shots, a few lightpainting ones.

In the course of doing the 366 photos, I was amazed to learn that there is an interesting, or an attempt at, photo anywhere you go. I was also amazed at what I can find on my little 1/3 acre of home land. I played more this year with angles, light, reflection, and toying with post processing.

So here is the flickr slide show of them all (hey, last year they did not even have the embed feature!)

Tomorrow is another day– who will play along for 2009/365 photos? Another round anyone?

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  1. I’m game to keep on going. Let me know which group it is.

    I need to review my stats — haven’t done so this past year.

  2. When I first read about your 366 Photo challenge this past year on your blog I thought to myself, “cool – that is something I would like to do”. Well – here is New Years Day and I am reading about your challenge again. I’m a photographer-wanna-be … which means I appreciate photography but don’t always take the time to play around. Here’s my chance. I’ll give it a go and see where it takes me.

  3. Your post inspires me to give it a try. I’m a notoriously bad rule follower, which is why I’ didn’t join in last year, but I like what you say about the process and then the looking back. I’m game to see what happens.


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