The Who Album Cover

The Who Album Cover

Just toying around with the new QuickPress feature on the WordPress 2.7 dashboard. Sweet! Am just getting used to all my links on the left. I love the new dashboard features, being able to move ’em around, hide ’em

Nice to see a few changes to the media uploader (looks like defaults match the way I work for images). I would still like to be able to admin comments right from the dashboard.

One minor minor oddity- why does the top link to “visit site” not open in new tab/window? I hate blasting out my editing interface.

And I am already eager for the first built on 2.7.1 upgrade to see how the updater works.

Update: Interface quirk IMHO for QuickPress is that the feedback on clicking the “Publish” button is way to subtle. I saw no browser spin, and thought I mis-clicked, so I clicked the button again, and then only noticed the little gray swirlie progress indicator in the title pane of the QuickPress “pod”, so I ended up publishing twice. The “Publish” button ought to change somehow to indicate it is in progress.

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  1. I installed 2.7 RC1 and that very day RC2 became available. Updating to RC2 was preceisely as easy as upgrading a plugin has become. If you have used the automatic plugin upgrade links then you know how easy upgrading to 2.7.1 will be.

  2. I “accidentally” updated a few days ago– not realizing the RC was now the latest tar file… but have experienced no problems and really like the interface changes. And I’m really excited about the updater being built in– this will make WP much easier for many of my students to maintain!

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