New Flickr mobile
New Flickr mobile by cogdogblog
posted 5 Dec ’08, 9.25am MST PST on flickr

Flickr has spiffed up their mobile page see including video playback!

The new flickr mobile url is worth adding to the iPhone desktop icons.

I was eager to see some of my videos, but missed the fine print that it only affects videos uploaded since this new feature was added. I went back to my last video, but unlike photos, there is no option to “replace this video”.

It looks like, viewing a few of the videos I found under the More … Explore videos link, that they are cross encoding video to QuickTime format to make them playable on the iPhone/iPod Touch (thou shalt not have flash video for now).

You can see it pass the view to a range of static IP address servers such as which resolve as Yahoo addresses.

I am not worried about what you can or cannot do with video right now; it is all just started to sample what tools we will have in the next year.

Sawubona indeed!

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