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Seven Things Not Worth Knowing About Me


I thought if I kept my head down low enough, I’d avoid being tagged by the “Seven things you don’t know about me” meme. My plan was working perfectly, and out of nowhere, whap! Rob Wall smacks me.

Seriously, if there is such a thing around this blog taken as serious– I enjoy reading the way people I know or follow take this on. No I do not believe in chain letter like tragedies as a motivator, I am compelled to dig through the past and find something interesting.

Oops not much there.

First, I cannot repeat any of the Five Things I posted in 2006. Maybe the next meme will be six or eight or twenty-three.

So for what its not worth, here it goes…

  1. The first car I owned was a frackin blue Pinto, 70’s vintage. My friends from high school drove more muscular Pontiacs and Novas and I had the cute little bubble. Actually, I bought it off my sister. I cannot remember how long I had the nothing magnet, and was absolutely tickled I managed to sell it.
  2. One year at summer camp I fell for a country girl named “Johnny-Sue”.
  3. Despite my adult dog fascination, we had but one dog when I was growing up. “Sunny Duke” was a Shelty Beagle mix, and while having adorable coloring, he is a neurotic nutso. I am convinced my sisters locked him in their room and performed some sort of mental psychosis training. I thought he hated me.
  4. In high school, when it came time to start monkeying around with liquor (which was not easy to come by at 16), I started a process of draining what was in my parent’s cabinet, just down low enough to slip the bottle back. I have mo idea what they said when they moved out of the old house and found a whole cabinet full of bottle with 1/2 inch of liquid on the bottom. I think we polished off a really old bottle of scotch.
  5. I studied Geology as an undergrad and got a Masters and still stink at identifying rocks and minerals. Don’t ask me to do it, I’ll mumble something like “milky quartz” or “foliated schist”. I’m making it up.
  6. Like Rob I devote one thing to a Who Concert experience, except I don’t really remember the (?) 1983 concert at Veterans Stadium in Philly. I was a Who fanatic from high school, and in college at University of Delaware, when I found out there was a concert, I was determined to round up my old crew to go see the old guys live. A problem was my friend Kevin was down in Blacksburg, Virginia and had no transport. I go it in my mind to drive 6 hours down there on a Thursday, picking him up, driving back to Baltimore Friday, going to a concert Saturday, and doing a Virgina round trip Sunday- in the damned Pinto from #1. I got so *****ing drunk I don’t remember the concert, but apparently I tossed some cookies in a sub shop and did some other things of which luckily there is no evidence.
  7. The last year of my undergraduate program at University of Delaware, I lucked into a great part-time job taking scanning electronic microscope photos of samples at a DuPont lab. It was great cause I would do it at night after the regulars were gone, so I could blast music. It paid something like $13/hour back in 1985. When it was slow, I would insert strands of hair or cheerios.

There. Nothing is left to fill in any more memes.

So now…. who do I inflict with the contagion? I aim the meme at…. Sean, Martha, Devon, Hilary, Coop, and Cole.

And maybe we should all pummel D’Arcy with tags

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  1. My husband had a pinto when we were dating. Maybe y’all thought it was some sort of chick magnet! 🙂 Thanks for doing this because I enjoyed learning more about you!

  2. You know you’re in trouble when the ‘Seven Things Not…’ by GogDog are more memorable than the ‘Seven Thing Worth…’ by CFBSr! Well done.

  3. Hey, that was a great car–it got me out of lots of jams. I remember you ruined the transmission on it. You were not a great gear-shifter! You also contributed to Sunny’s neuroses. Remember how you used to run down the stairs and out the door so the dog would bark and chase you? After that, we always had to lock him in a room whenever guests left the house so he wouldn’t chase them! None of my friends ever wanted to come to our house because of that dog (except in the summer to go swimming!) At one of my high school reunions, someone asked me if I still had that “mean old dog”! Also, you can’t forget RICHARD!!

    I didn’t know about numbers 2,4,5 and 6! My friends here in the Bahamas are curious about the rock formations on the islands and I tell them that my brother is a geologist and can help identify them when he visits. Better study-up for some good bullsh** answers!!

  4. @Harriet: Wow, it is not fair for a sister who has more insight to the past! Okay, I glossed over some memories, and yes, actually you taught me to handle the manual transmission when Dad’s lessons did not go over so well. OMG, I totally forgot about “Richard the Egg Man”- almost sounds like a bad comedy movie.

    Rocks in the Bahamas? If its white say limestone, if its dark mutter something about effusive volcanism.

  5. I just have a different viewpoint. I think your memories are hilarious. I would never have the nerve to post mine!

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