Please do not give me an idea that CDB is anything of importance. To the 4 of so nice people who have written nice emails asking me to blog about their nice websites… well thanks but I don’t blog requests. I may look at them but I blog whatever I feel like.

Please let me know about interesting web sites etc but don’t expect me to pitch ’em. Stuff like this goes to my head and I am best kept humble, far down the long tail beyond the D listers.

There I now have a policy– I don’t blog requests.

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  1. This is solid policy, blogging requests assumes that these spaces are purely PR machines. And while I use mine for that regularly, it’s driven only by my excitement surrounding specific thing, not some calculated idea of linking become someone requests it. Where is the conversation in that? I mean, come on, a trackback with some thought will get me far more excited than an email with a plea.

    Jim’s last blog post..Nighthawks (1981)

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