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Underwater Camera Fun
Underwater Camera Fun by Noel back in Zurich
posted 23 Mar ’08, 2.45pm MDT PST on flickr

My week of no blog and commenting elsewhere has passed, although with most of the week being travel and NMC meetings and then fun at Mardi Gras, I really did not get out as much and spread the comment love.

It’s a bit of a gimmicky thing; I find it useful on this yearly timeline to do the number crunching and look at the comment stats here, but really, the commenting elsewhere ought to be a regular activity, not a once a year special.

The tracking by co-comment is spotty at best; it does not come up automatically on flickr like it did last year (where I do a lot of commenting), it barfed on the comment fields on the NMC drupal site, and of course, it did not pick up on comments I made via my iPhone. And seeing co-comment load on every fracking web page says to me it is throwing dead weight on my browsing bandwidth.

I thought about extending it another week (more travel coming up), but I cannot sit by so quietly while the Reverend is pounding out 6 packs of posts every day.

So the blog light is now officially “on”…

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