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There Must Be Some Tags Out There…

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Sometimes tagging is a lonely game, other times it is a wild lalapalooza fest. That’s the way the net bounces.

Without going too deep into a zone of vacacity (!), I’m seeking some help tagging resources, examples, references related to the 6 topics to be published next week in the first K-12 Horizon Report, a new flavor of the yearly reports the NMC does on emerging technology. The Horizon Process is never about making the six a big secret, and the details have been open for the entire time in our wiki, including the short list of 12 semi-finalists, and even a pre-release draft of the final report.

For the last 3 years I have been banging the drum for using tagging to collect resources for the Horizon Reports, and the activity has built nicely on the regular report (more than 1200 for the January 2009 report).

But we could use some puffing up of the collection for this newest report. This is a great way for people to participate in the process who are not on the advisory board; our authors mine the tags for examples to reference in the report, and this can become a dynamic resource that continues after the report is published.

So here is my call/plea for some tag-tributions- it can be simply a manner of combing through your existing delicious tags and adding our overall tag and topic tags listed below. Or add new stuff! We’d like to see a good set when we present the report next week at the COSN meeting in Austin.

Tag? Please? (note that links on topics are to the text for the Shortlist, and has been updated for the final report)

Near Horizon: Less Than One Year

collaborative environments – tag “hzk09” and “collabworkspaces”

communication tools – tag “hzk09” and “commtools”

Mid Horizon: Two to Three Years

mobiles tag “hzk09” and “mobile”

cloud computing – tag “hzk09” and “cloudcomputing”

Far Horizon: Four to Five Years

smart objects – tag “hzk09” and “smartobject”

personal web – tag “hzk09” and “personalweb”

Thanks from a lonely tagger…

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