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posted 6 May ’09, 8.39pm MDT PST on flickr

Oh this is super petty, but in line of discussion of an un-related topic at Penn State yesterday- the need (or desire) for dis-aggregation.

In this case, I just hate the wastefulness of hotel packaging of these coffee condiments. The black plastic sack on the left (waste) includes 2 sugars (waste- I am diabetic), one artificial sweetener (the one thing I want), a creamer (no need), a straw (I can stir with my finger, and a napkin (I can be neat).

So once I grab my one item of interest, the pink packet, the rest go into the waste stream, to the landfill.

So it is more efficient for the hotel to buy stuff I don’t use, put into the trash, than just to dis-aggregate the content to a level where I can select just what I will use.

So is there any other (ahem) system (ahem) where we package things like (ahem) this?

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  1. Hahahahahah, beautifully done, the metaphor was calling and calling and calling, and you just let it hang. You’re the master!

  2. I do use some sugar and creamer from those packets, but I am usually by myself so I only use half. I just hate it when they insist on pitching out the other half that I neatly put back in the tray so that I can use the stuff on day 2!

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