I’ve gotten a good collection of Amazing Stories of Openness so far for my August presentation at the Open Ed Conference.

But you know what?

I want more.

I’ve got a bunch of messages, sweet tweets about what a great idea it is, or “I’ll work on it”, but folks, c’mon, this is not all that hard? I’ve outlined examples. I made a comic version. I’ve put a call to respond on YouTube.

Amazing Stories-- arent you amazing?

What is so hard? Is it worrying about being “not Amazing” enough?

All I need is a small story of how a time when you shared something online, a blog post, some media, that someone used it, connected with you, got you a visit or a job just as an unexpected outcome of sharing on the Open Web.

I’ve been video recording people in Skype or with my Flip, but really, all you need to do is send my a little background info via my Google Form and send my an audio and/or video file with a 2-5 minute (or whatever length) recording of you telling a story.

And you know what? All you folks coming to Open Ed who just talked about sharing a story? I dare ya to come to my session. I call into question your Openness! I dare ya! I double dare ya!

cc licensed flickr photo shared by kevinclark

That’s the last I will badger you. Pfffffffffft.

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Are You Talking to ME?
Are You Talking to ME? flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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  1. OK, ok, ok. Since the last story I sent you, I wanted to come up with a REALLY good one. But this post has convinced me that the story can be small. So, I’m filling out your form now. (and you had me at the comic book version).

  2. Hey you, I feel implicated here. You must be patient, I’m working on a short film and this baby ain’t no half-assed amateur hour, this is art, and artists can’t be rushed. You must sit and wait, dog!

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