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Un nuevo día para Edupunk

I never expected to be blogging about EDUPUNK, much less presenting on it. But the folks running the CIINOVApp conference here in Guadalajara asked me and colleagues Tannis Morgan and Brian Lamb to bring it back (we are here by invitation from the University of Guadalajara a week before our UDG Agora Project events). It […]

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Bringing the BS of Storytelling to CALIcon15

“BS? How Can you say that? You’ve been promoting digital storytelling for 10 years!” Today’s keynote was a play on perception, I never explicitly defined what BS stood for, did I? Sometime in April, after the return from 5 months in British Columbia, I was catching up with Barbara Ganley vis Skype and said something […]

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We’re On a Mission of Open

This was the academic theme for today’s presentation at OER14 in Newcastle, UK by Rochelle Lockridge, Mariana Funes, and moi, “A DS106 thing happened on the way to the 3M Tech Forum“: DS106 (http://ds106.us/) is a computer science course in Digital Storytelling at the University of Mary Washington (UMW), framed on principles of the web […]