One of my web hobbies is peeking at the source code of web pages– and I love it when you find something there that does not make the front page, and HTML Easter Egg if you will. I actually do this if I am trying to see how something was coded for a page or more usually to see what sort of content management system might be powering a site (WordPress and drupal sites leave a lot of tell-tale signs).

So tonight, by way of the Arizona Department of Transportation tweet stream (@ArizonaDOT) I saw the story of stunning photos at the Las Vegas Sun site on the progress of the new bridge being constructed to span the west end of the Grand Canyon, an arched path that will be some stunning drive when it is done:


I was looking at the design of the site, and my gut was thinking it might be WordPress, so one Command-U and I was looking at the code (no “Matrix” effect), and right there, is an ASCII Art node to source code peekers:


How retro is that ASCII banner and then the boast:

This ain’t our first rodeo, boss.

Nope, these coders have been around the web page corral a few times, and it reveals itself as a custom coded site.

Made me smile.

Geeks gotta have fun.

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