The Tragedy of Wired
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The cover story of the current issue of Wired must be the weakest, molecule wafer thin piece they ever published.

Were the editors all on vacation and they left the magazine to some middle school kids to write?

The tragedy of craigslist is that their web design is at the downward end of some web designer’s nose? The tragedy is that Graig Newmark is not greedy or is just odd?

Obviously no one on staff ever had to sell an old sofa on exercise machine before,

Bottomline craigslist works, who cares if it is not sparkly?

Pfffffffft on Wired. Definitely expired on this issue.

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  1. Ok, the “middle school kids” comment was a cheap shot; I retract that. The writing itself was at a high level…. it is the concept for the story that is weak, the story is just not there and not really a cover story.

    What is the “tragedy”? Who That is never really defined. Where is the “event resulting in great loss and misfortune” (its it the tragedy for newspapers?) Is it a “form of art based on human suffering that offers its audience pleasure” (the large audience of craigslist does not suffer and the pleasure is in selling your crap). Is it a “drama in which the protagonist is overcome by some superior force or circumstance;” (Craig looks okay by me).

    There is not a there there anywhere. So there.

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