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What Did You Do When Gmail Went Down?

2009/365/244 So What Did You Do When Gmail Went Down?
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So Gmail went belly up today for a bit. There was a fart in the cloud computer.

Did you reload inbox every 30 seconds? I bet that helped. Did you tweet about it? I did- pulled out a Don McClean:

I can’t remember if I cried
Reading tweets that Gmail fried,
But something tickled me deep inside-
The day the email died.

But instead of wailing, I made use of the time.

I’ve been noticing a few more ants than I prefer to see ambling across my kitchen counter. I did a thorough clean with clorox. then sprayed killer stuff down the crack behind the counter. Then I sealed the gap with new caulk.

Who needs email?

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  1. My damn filters at work kill everything anyway, so I thought it was just being filtered. I did some grading that wouldve been set aside while I refreshed my inbox every 5 seconds.

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