Over this morning’s coffee I was rummaging around my flickr stats.

Yum, stats.

If you have never done this, there is an incredible amount if interesting information you can find there, like I have no idea why there was a spike of 2000+ views on November 22.

Or you can find which of your photos has been viewed/favorite the most, or see where the referrer links are coming from.

I was looking at the stats when I saw a referrer from the dive into mark site, a place I usually go for excellent technical resources or writings. So I wondered why his site might be linking to my photos…

Well, it turns out that into 2007, Mark created a giant mural of The Dogs of flickr cc, where he made this collage of 648 individual flickr photos, all of them creative common licenses.

Somewhere in there was one of mine. How would I find it without going blind trying to scan?

Mark does list the credits at the bottom, but it is by title of the photo, and that’s a lot of guessing. So to find mine, I used the View Source in my web browser to dive into the html, and did a search on “cogdog” which is part of my flickr URL for all my photos, and sure enough, I had not one, but 3, at list numbers 194, 195, and 196:

  1. I Have a Bone to Pick With Me
  2. Nope, Maybe it is to the left
  3. Huh?


There are a whole lot of interesting flickr bits of info under the flickr You menu (it is, after all, what flickr is all about, right?), like “activity” which can summarize comments people have made on your photos (or yours on others), which of your photos have been favorited, etc.

You can find is a new “Photos of You” (mine) meaning people have used the new Add a Person tool on all pictures that allow you to use a selection tool to draw a box around a person in a photo, and attach their flickr username to it (this is rather like Facebook photo tagging, but better because it is not in Facebook).

What other small, lesser known gems have you discovered lurking in flickr?

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