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@dailyshoot: 2010/02/24: There is often a conflict between traditional and contemporary. Make a photo that shows this tension. (@melhutch) #ds101

Oh man, when I read the assignment this morning, I thought– "is this the first one I bail on?" — I had no clue what to do; I played with book and computer (too easy), old and new phones, then did some stuff with my iPhone and my old drawer of CDs… then shazam! (get it?)

I saw my guitar sitting on a chair and remembered my iPhone has the PocketGuitar app..

So there you go, traditionald and contemporary guitars, though not much tension.

I have been so energized in photography since last summer D’Arcy turned me on to the Dailyshoot – a clever idea to expanding your photography skills.

Each day, the Dailyshoot tweets an assignment of something we need to capture; then people post a tweet to @dailyshoot with a link to their photo, and their website aggregates them in a clever visual display.

So this way, I have each day at least one thing I need to aim for with photography. Sometimes it is easy, other times it makes me contrive something others I fudge it with a clever caption or interpretation. Since starting, 88 daily shoots ago, I have not missed a day– sometimes like when traveling it is just an iPhone shot.

I am doing this in conjunction with the 2010/365 daily photo project but I never double dip…. I have found though, that most days, the dailyshoot assignment is the leading thing for my photo efforts, and it has been a great driver, motivator, and something that makes me stretch some each time.

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  1. I agree – @dailyshoot has been a blast. I’ve bailed on one assignment (portrait of a stranger) but will pick that one up eventually.

    I totally double dip (or triple dip, with my 2010/100km project as well) but figure that’s ok. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

    I’m finding the assignments for Daily Shoot totally help me to focus my observations and interpretations. Great stuff.

  2. I don’t use the daily shoot unless it’s late and I’m stuck which I was today. I too chose the iphone but yeah, went the easy route and did the book comparison. Today was so much about the content but composition. At least that’s what I was going for. You do nice work and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. 😉 I mean it.

  3. Love it. I too was stuck on today’s daily shoot. Finally settled on old touch pad and new touch pad technology, GRiDpad & iPod Touch. Not much tension though.

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