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I’m just back from a vintage road trip that included a stop in Flagstaff, the I-40 trans desert drive to Anaheim, a week in Disneyland for the 2010 NMC Summer Conference, a return loop through Las Vegas– with the next highlight specifically a trip to St George Utah to visit a good friend and colleague, Carl Berger.

Carl is one of the true gems in our field, and I could wax on long on his accomplishments, but there is plenty of that on his emeritus profile at the University of Michigan or his page as an NMC Fellow.

I was lucky to have met Carl in 2002 when we brought him in to Maricopa for one of the Ocotillo Technology Visioning forums we ran back then– he was a friend and long time colleague of then Maricopa Vice Chancellor Ron Bleed.

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The thing I was struck back then as much as now was Carl’s infectious enthusiasm not just for technology, but for using it for something that mattered to learning, especially on trying to get at, through a science approach, it’s effectiveness.

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And every time I saw him after, he generously greeted and chatted with me, often we connected over his latest gadgets. But it was through our common interest in creative photography that we really bonded, and he’s been one of my most regular flickr commenters.

So when I saw on the calendar and map, that my travel this week could make a swing through his home in St George Utah where he retired (though hardly rests!), I asked if I could visit. There was no hesitation, and we enjoyed a great time hanging out this week, especially for our photography excursion to Zion National Park, which is just about in his back yard. His lovely home is decorated with exquisite and beautiful prints of his photos and watercolors, and he gave me a tour of his cast camera collection.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

We geeked out over GPS apps and software, but always the teacher, he got me started with a lesson on how he does HDR photography, as done in the photo above, and now I am hooked on Photomatix software.

I feel honored to have Carl as a friend. Thanks for the visit– and he even dug me out a vintage 1995 NMC conference t-shirt when he hosted the 1995 conference at Michigan…

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

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  1. Carl is an amazing guy in every way. He has been at the core of so much of who I aspire to be. You are lucky to have been afforded the chance to spend time with him in his own space. Visionary doesn’t begin to define him. Great post, Alan.

  2. I was lucky enough to hear Professor Berger speak at a National Science Teachers Association (I think it was NSTA) conference WAAAAAAY back when I was just starting out in this education field. His enthusiasm was infectious and I still remember his talk and how I felt after it was over…like I could do just about anything I wanted in this field. I have been a fan every since but have never had the pleasure of having our paths cross again since. So glad to read more about him!

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