2010/365/155 Road Gear
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Getting some of the essentials ready for my upcoming road trip.

If it’s June, it must mean I am not home. In fact, I am supposed to be in my car in a few minutes.

This next leg is a car expedition, which at first sounded like a reprieve from flying. I need to be in Anaheim Sunday to be ready for next week’s 2010 NMC Summer Conference, but am taking a slow route. I’m heading to Flagstaff tonight to visit my friend Mike, and hope to lollygag in Flag some on Saturday, and get to Needles or Barstow CA, and onto Anaheim the next day.

After the conference, I am planning to take a northern detour through Lost Wages and on to St George Utah to visit Carl Berger, and maybe we can do some photography at Zion National Park, home finally on the 16th.

No rest, as the 21st I am headed north of the border for the CeLC conference in Edmonton. I am cranking hard to activate the http://secretrevolution.us (not much there now, yes, I know).

And there is an NMC workshop the last week of June.

I’m plugging in my home address to the GPS so I can find home again.

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  1. I’ve traveled to so many places by car, plane, train, boat, and subway, that I can hardly remember any of it. But one very delightful exception was the day and a half that I spent in Flagstaff. Such a wonderful town and the Observatory was a double treat.

    Have fun.


  2. @Oogie Not this trip, but Paonia is on my shortlist! I was reminded of you when I saw Arrogant Bastard on the list of beer choices at a place we stopped at last night.

    @Pysetz At least on a car trip, the world is a bathroom (esp in the bankrupt state if Arizona where they’ve closed most rest stops)

    @David That is special as you are among the King Road Dogs! I’ve actually not done the Observatory, but Im just 90 minutes from Flagstaff. But today, I look forward to a regular visit to Macy’s Coffee shop, one of the best on the planet

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