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Oh what a tangled blog I weave mangle. I thought it would take a few posts and days to document the work I started in April to use the then beta features of WordPress 3 to develop the NMC’s MIDEA web site. And just trying to write up the last few, I can see it is a heap.

So while I have maybe two more to write up, I wanted to make this to be the hub post to all the others. You can also find these (and whatever comes in the future) tagged here as wp3

Also, since the code got long in the posts and because someone nicely asked, I packaged up all the template files described into a single collection. A few non-essential layout elements are removed, but functionally, it is ripped from my themes directory. You can get the most up to date version at

This is complex stuff; I just kept banging my head against the keyboard until it worked. I’m sorry but I cant really debug your specific projects- but am putting all my work here on the freebie table.

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